Winter is here!

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It’s time to pull all your unused snow gear out from the corner of your closet! Winter is here! I don’t know a single person who isn’t excited to sit by the fire, watch a movie, and drink peppermint hot chocolate, but even better, is the fact that all the winter extreme sports are starting up!

Get ready to watch some insane snow skiers, flying down the slopes of mountains. Get ready to watch your favorite snowboarder hit the coolest jumps, and get ready to see some fast paced motocross events!

Winter is exciting, the adrenaline of watching the best athletes in the world train and compete in the freezing cold, and getting out there and doing it yourself!

Go snow skiing, snowboarding, play hockey, or go ice skating. Do something to celebrate the amazing winter season! Then you can sit by the fire, drink hot chocolate, and watch a Hallmark movie. 😉